Content Delivery FAQs

1. How do you deliver your health information documents?
We can deliver our documents in a number of ways. Document delivery options include providing you with document hyperlinks and sending actual documents in XML format via FTP or electronic mail. We can also supply ready-to-print, PDF-formatted files.

2. How do we post your documents on our Intranet or Internet website?
You can post document hyperlinks on your website, which will result in a seamless transition from the document title on your web page to the actual document in our database. When using the actual health information documents we deliver to you, you can load the licensed health information documents onto your web server and then build web applications to manage the documents.

3. If we hire a third-party web hosting company to host our website on their servers, how can we make documents available online via our website?
Depending on how you maintain your website content, either the web hosting company or your in-house staff will need to load the actual documents you’ve received to the hosting web servers and build web pages to make this happen.

4. How do you ensure that the health information content you provide is up-to-date and accurate?
Cleveland Clinic physicians and other healthcare professionals review the documents periodically to make sure the content is current and accurate; we update our document database regularly to reflect any changes. If you post your licensed documents through the hyperlinks we provide, your content is updated automatically. If you host the actual documents on your server, we will provide you with updated content annually.